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Physikalische Beratung

Vision Automation Software Measurement
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As a young and dynamic engineering office we develop customer specific software in the field of automation and machine vision. Our main focus is on the development of high level language software for IPCs, common computers/servers and PXI-systems as well as small fanless computers for an industrial surrounding. Due to our many years of experience in this field we are able develop those systems efficiently and provide rapid development for a reasonable price. Our solutions are often used in combination with databases, process and data visualization, extensive numerical data evaluation and data filtering (e.g.sound and vibration analysis, pressure and flow rate evaluation with intelligent data filtering) and in combination with machine vision, whereas we also do develop the latter systems for our customers independenty and in combination with smart cameras.

Moreover do our solutions communicate with almost all possible bus-links with other devices, computers and controllers via interbus, profibus, CAN, IO-link, modbus, IR, serial, GPIB, TCP/IP, firewire, USB, OPC, etc.; they program microcontrollers and connect a variety of different devices and drivers via dll, activeX and .net components or they act as gateways for those devices to other parts of the machine. Our systems often work near the border of what is technically feasible on a quite moderate price level. Moreover our systems also do perform classical automation tasks in analogy to controllers/PLCs that are classically applied for those tasks, which we offer for smaller projects in additon to our solutions as aforementioned.

Besides mere software solutions we also offer those systems in combination with hardware as partial solution for your machine up to independent systems including the complete set of measurement technology and machine vision including electric control cabinet.

We also offer you in this field valuable advice for the choice of components for machine vision and measurement technology and develop special electronic solutions that may not be found as commerical devices on the market.

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