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Vision Automation Software Measurement
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System Control

system control for various rotary indexing tables, transfer lines, test stands (leak-test, hydraulic and pneumatic test stands), manual workstations and test stands with integrated machine vision,

conection to robotic systems,

control of axis-systems,

communication with all sorts of devices, controls and machines,

pick-to-light applications and many more.

Data Management

data storage in SQL-database systems: data bases to administer different construction types (SQL, CSV, etc.),

Visualization and logging (CSV, SQL, SAP, PDF generation),

master computer / line supervisor concepts,

process visualization via webserver,

redundant systems,

SPC, static process monitoring.

Individual interfaces

connection via Profibus, Interbus, CAN, IO-Link, IR, GPIB, TCP/IP, Modbus, Firewire, serial communication, OPC, USB, etc.,

linking of dll, activeX and .Net elements,

Codesoft support with Preview, and more.

Micro controller

Bild Programming of micro controllers eg. Atmel, ARM, Melexis, Temic, Fujitsu.

Design of prototypes/single circuit boards up to the development of entire batch productions,

Development of multi-threading applications for micro controllers in Assembler or C depending on your needs.

Special electronics (circuit tests, resistance tests, power electronics, driving stages, etc.).

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