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Reference Projects

An overview over our offered services can be found within the following pages: Automation - Measurement - Vision To make you more familiar with our way of working, we present you some of our recent projects in detail.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Benutzerführung Handarbeitsplatz (HMI) Within this project a test stand was designed, that is leading the user through the test process via detailed instructions on the display. The goal was to make the test stand as easy to handle as possible using clear comprehensible instructions.

Setup of a test stand for metering pumps

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Customized SQL-Interface

SQL-Interface - kundenspezifisch The goal within this project was to save a large amount of process data from a manufacturing process and to make it accessible for the customer via a customized interface, so he might visualize and store the desired data.

Storage and Visualization of pruduction data

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Quality Control using Machine Vision

The quality of the lasered symbols of armature keys in cars as well as their operability had to be insured via machine vision.
Optische Überprüfung einer Blende
Optical Quality Control - to enlarge image press here.

The running process (containing machine vision and measurement data of the various PLCs) is viusalized by showing the moving average and trend plot of the individual measurements. This allows the operator to adjust the process factors to the desired setpoints.

Contactless measurement of a small component in backlight with setpoint tracing of the reference plane on the ring. The images were acquired in rotation (flashed backlight) and analyzed.
Kraftfreie Vermessung eines kleinen Bauteils

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Test Process Visualization

Here pressure sensors are tested for their bursting strength. Afterwards the leak-thightness is tested with pressure admission of helium on one side while its detection on the other side is secured by a mass spectrometer. All relevant data is visualized for the operator.

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Manual Process Control

Standardly all machines, that are projected by us, may be operated completely by hand. Optical support and an overlaying safety monitoring makes it as simple as possible for the operator while fundamental safty mechanisms do also garanty sufficient safety when the machine is operated manually.
 Manuelle Anlagenbedienung
Test Stand for Sensors

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Hardware Components

Here a multipolar set of connectors is tested for correct contacting.

Here the transition resistance of a wiring harness is registered and analyzed using a 4-wire measurement in the region of 15-80 mOhm at 20 leads. In addition a micro controller is flashed with updated firmware, the communication of a sensor (CAN, IR) is tested and the switching into sleeping mode is veryfied by recording the current consumption during operation (ca. 100mA) and current mode (ca. 80mA). Labels for both products are provided via Codesoft and are printed with product specific variables.

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Smaller controlling tasks like PID control loops of sequential control systems, etc. are implemented in an efficient economic way by using small but powerful PLCs in combination with operator displays.
Here you can see as an example a PXI-system for more complex measurements.
 ILC 150  pxi-system

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